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1442-1: Logo design for Company

Dmitry Ivaniuk
Alexy Torenov

1435: Marketing strategy

Julia Venchees
Alexa Monrow
John Doenson

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1442Logo design for Company10.04.18
Dmitry Ivaniuk
1441Website development09.04.18
Francisco Dero
1440UI/UX design for backend panel09.04.18
Dmitry Ivaniuk
1438Texts for personal website08.04.18
Julia Comporova
1435Content menagement08.04.18
Andrew Conor
1433Marketing strategy05.04.18
Dmitry Ivaniuk
1431Website markup03.04.18
Alex Donorsky
1429Adsense adv company03.04.18
Dmitry Ivaniuk
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