Report type
Indicators of production volumes for 2015-2018

Group of goods under consideration
Parts and components for reciprocating internal combustion engines

Subgroup of goods under consideration
Diesel engines

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The report presents the indicators of production volumes for 2005-2018. To fully understand the situation on the market, it is necessary to study the import and export data (in physical and value terms), which are presented in the Analysis of Import and Export section.

Volume of production

Unit of measurement: pcs.

2015134 pcs.-
201656 pcs.-53.5%
201748 pcs.-9.1%
201862 pcs.+23.4%

Profiles of companies

Unit of measurement: pcs.

ASMEW Co.103 pcs.44 pcs.-62.1%----
JhonnyDee Company33 pcs.21 pcs.-45.3%28 pcs.+32.5%19 pcs.-47.2%
Stabam Engines51 pcs.38 pcs.-35.9%19 pcs.-59%25 pcs.+21.5%
Rumpunt Co.21 pcs.35 pcs.+42%44 pcs.+22%--
Spumant Ltd.19 pcs.23 pcs.+11.6%----

By manufacturing companies

List of manufacturing companies

0388521ASMEW Co.
0297701JhonnyDee Company
1888711Stabam Engines
8799952Rumpunt Co.
0002345Spumant Ltd.
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