0902: Tea, wheather or not flavoured

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Goods turnover, tons

Total volume 15,33 tons.

201315.1 tons-
201416.2 tons+1.5%
201515.9 tons+2.1%
201615.2 tons-2.4%
201716.3 tons+5.1%
201815.9 tons-1.5%

Deliveries by exporting companies

Total volume 12,01 tons.

FF Lowride1.3 tons0.9 tons--1.2 tons1.3 tons
DreamEnt.0.6 tons0.4 tons0.3 tons0.5 tons1.3 tons1.5 tons
PrentEnt dr.0.2 tons0.3 tons0.5 tons0.8 tons0.3 tons0.2 tons
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