Dropdown example


The Right Way - Admin Template

Single button dropdowns

Default dropdown used with single button.

Split button dropdowns

Use dropdown-toggle-split to add proper spacing around caret.

Active state

Add active to dropdown-item to get active state item.

Dropup variation

Add dropup to btn-group to get dropup priority for popup.

Menu alignment

Add dropdown-menu-right to dropdown-menu to get right direction for dropdown.

Menu header

Use dropdown-header into dropdown-menu to highlight element as header.


Use dropdown-divider into dropdown-menu to get divider.

Disabled menu

Use disabled class for dropdown-item to set disabled style.

Menu forms

It's possible to use dropdown as simple container for anything.

Template settings

Use this panel to configure template settings and layout options.

Layout option
Header options
Navigation options
Sidepanel options
Content options