Rw progress examples

Bootstrap progress examples



The Right Way - Admin Template

Informative progress

Progress bar developed special for this template.

Some pregress goes under with 30%
Right value position 50%
Bordered example
Rounded borders
Custom text color 50%
Primary bar color
Secondary bar color
Success bar color
Info bar color
Warning bar color
Danger bar color

Segmented progress

Unique progress bar designed and developed special for template.


Use dataset data-value to set % value.

Secondary style

Add class rw-progress--secondary to get custom style.

With animation

Add class rw-progress--animation to animate bars.

Small size

Add class rw-progress--sm to get small progress.

Secondary style
With animation
Tooltip value
Fixed width
Small with fixed width

Bootstrap progress

Examples usage of custom progress bars featuring support for stacked bars.

Progress bar with label

Add text to .progress-bar to get value show inside of progress bar.

Custom height

Simply use style attribue and set custom height for progress.

Custom background

Use predefined bg-*s to get custom background for progress-bar.

Multiple bars

Add few .progress-bars into .progress to get mulitple bars.


Add class .progress-bar-striped to .progress-bar to get stripped style.

Template settings

Use this panel to configure template settings and layout options.

Layout option
Header options
Navigation options
Sidepanel options
Content options