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The Right Way - Admin Template

jQuery raty

A star rating jquery plugin.

Default example of star rating

Rating with predefined score. Use data-score="3" to set.

You can modify number of stars using data-number="3" attribute.

Use option readOnly: true to make rating readonly.

You can represent a float score as a half star icon (score: 3.26).

Callback to handle the score and the click event on click action.

If you return false into callback, the click action will be prevented.

Changes the hint for each star by it position on array.


Add cancel: true option to get cancel button.

Add cancelHint : '...' option to get custom cancel hint.

Add cancelplace : 'right' option to get right cancel position.


Some place to display the hints or the cancelHint.

You have the option hint or score targetType : 'score' to choose.

You can choose a template targetFormat : 'Rating: {score}' to be merged with your hints and displayed on target.


You can take off the space between the star. Use space: false to remove spacing.

You can turn on just the mouseovered star instead all from the first until that one.

starType : 'i' lets you to change the star element type.

Template settings

Use this panel to configure template settings and layout options.

Layout option
Header options
Navigation options
Sidepanel options
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